The first of the five creatures to be created for Siaral was the dragons. Inspiration for them was taken from human mythologies, which were often studied by the Yellow family as creatures were the only way they could experiment on their old world. They once also, thanks to the election of a Yellow Queen, got permission to create the Dragon race who lived with them on their old world until Willow left. Having more freedom meant that the creators were more experimental with the breeds of dragons they created.

All the dragons had magic, with each breed having different abilities. From the smallest dragons, a miniature breed that had the ability to teleport, to the largest, who could breathe fire like the dragons of legend were said to, they all had the magic of flight. Some were based on Eastern dragons, others were based on European dragons, a few were based on wyverns, and then there were those who came purely from one of the Yellow fae's imagination.

Of course, once the fae left the dragons in the capable hands of the Breeders there were those that thrived and those that didn't. Some breeds of dragon died out within a few years and probably should never have been created in the first place. The Breeders worked hard to keep the numbers of each of the surviving dragon breeds up, learning to understand the creatures that had been thrust upon them without any guidance. Merchants visited, wanting to take at least some of the dragon breeds to other worlds, and miniature dragons became a favourite with many people as messengers and companions.

Soon the Breeders were working with the merchants to make money from the creatures they had learned to love. Cross breeds were created and occassionally they had help from some of the remaining fae with the ability to make new breeds of dragons, especially the miniature dragons who couldn't easily be breed with the larger ones.