Magic in Aurora's world is complicated. The type of magic you'll be able to use will depend on several factors: the year you were born; the month you were born; the day you were born; and what time you were born. All mages have some form of elemental magic and each person will be able to use it differently. How this all works still isn't known by the mages properly, so they've been working on a book so that they can understand it all. Sometimes they despair of ever truly understanding the magics. Currently they know what powers you will get due to the month you were born, but not day, time, or year. They are slowly getting there with year magics. Day and time are more difficult.

Here is what they know so far, using Earth months.

Known magics: fire, telekinesis

Known magics: earth, healing

Known magics: air, precognition

Known magics: water, empathy

Known magics: fire, light

Known magics: earth, plant

Known magics: air, telepathy

Known magics: water, memory

Known magics: fire, flight

Known magics: earth, dark

Known magics: air, remembering

Known magics: water, invisibility

All magics are at their strongest in the month that they are connected to, which means that someone will be able to stay invisible for longest during February. They are at their weakest in the opposite month, which means they will have the most difficulty becoming invisible in August.

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