The Stormkin are a race of magic users connected, as their name suggests, to storms. When a baby is born to this race everyone knows because there is a storm and on Taithmarin they are beautiful. Often many babies are born at the same time, as the storm calls them if they're ready to live in the world, so expectant mothers are always wary during any storm. Stormkin babies can be born after two months in the womb, although the normal gestation period is between five and seven months, depending on how many children the mother has already had and how the baby feels.

Fathers of Stormkin babies have an important job during the first month of their life: introducing their child, whether male or female, to the main deity of their race. When they first arrived on Taithmarin the Stormkin were unsure whether they would still be able to connect with their deities, but where they are doesn't matter. Their deities are important to the Stormkin, but their religion is entirely unconnected to their magic.

One of the magics of the Stormkin is empathy, which is why they are used by all the guides as a form of security. They can affect other people's emotions, so they can take angry new arrivals to a safe place, and work on helping them deal with what has happened to them. Occasionally even the Stormkin can't make them accept that they will never return home. When this happens another race is called upon.