Requested by: livejournal user ysabetwordsmith.

The timeline will be edited as more characters are added. Some dates are not definite yet, including dates when vampires were turned.

This includes spoilers.

AD69? – Issac was turned into a vampire

1470? – Lewis was turned into a vampire

1556 – Nick was turned into a vampire

1973 – Nick arrived at a village in West Sussex

1974 – Alice was turned into a vampire

1974 – Nick left the village in West Sussex with Alice

1980 – human auctions were made illegal (this doesn't stop them)

2000 – Blake was turned into a vampire

January 2004 – Nick and Issac begin talking about the donor house

December 2004 – Nick, Issac and Lewis open the first donor house in Bognor Regis (Lewis is a silent partner)

January 2005 – Dominic enters the donor house

February 2005 – Blake's first visit to the donor house

Nick and Alice's first visit to Echoes of Alexandria

March 2005 – Georgina enters the donor house

April 2005 – John's first visit to the donor house

October 2005 – human trick-or-treaters visit the donor house

April 2006 - Morgan enters the donor house

September 2006 – Caleb's arrival

February 2008 – ??? dies

February 2008 – Lacey enters the donor house

August 2008 – William enters the donor house

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